Grandparents in January*

My parents were in town in January and I haven’t had time to write about it because half the house was sick for most of their trip, unfortunately, and right after they left Wes started working crazy long hours six days a weeks so I am usually ready for bed as soon as I get the kids to bed. Right before my parents arrived, we thought that we would only be in Hawaii for a few more months and were preparing ourselves for a move to District Office, which would mean less hours and more time together as a family. Instead, Wes was moved to another part of the project and we barely see him and it’s been hard on all of us.

Luckily, my parents arrived his first week on the new project so I had plenty of help to get the house in a sort of order before I was on my own. We cleaned this house as much as we could with two kids running around while also fighting off whatever bug was working its way through the house. Hawaii_10750_MBB-2015-01-17 They arrived Saturday night and got straight to work with bath and story time, and then we cleaned up quickly and headed out for a very expensive date night on the other side of the island. We had a lovely time just being alone together but on the 45-minute drive home we both decided that we would never drive that far again for dinner. Hawaii_10766_MBB-2015-01-17 Hawaii_10769_MBB-2015-01-18Grampa found all the fun bits of news to show to Stella and she loved everything. I think here she’s watching a hippo chase a boat. For the rest of their trip she spent a lot of time crawling over to Grampa and requesting to “watch the hippos” before snuggling up.
IMG_0041 James got some good snuggles in, too, and learned some new tricks from Grampa, like how to pull a pillow off of his head.DSCN3919Fun times at breakfast. My dad probably has a hundred photos of me making weird faces while we eat, so I guess this was his payback.
Hawaii_10838_MBB-2015-01-19Stella took Grampa on a nature walk around our apartment and showed him all the fun stuff, like this graffiti zebra that popped up a few years ago.
Hawaii_10780_MBB-2015-01-19 Don’t worry, Grampa didn’t have all the fun. Grama got some fun times in, too. We headed to the beach on Monday morning before everyone got sick. There were about six sea turtles swimming around, which Stella loves. This was her first trip to the beach in a swimsuit with no diaper on and she was so excited to be wearing it. Amazing as it is to have a kid who can pee in the potty, getting rid of that swim diaper was a little bittersweet. Hawaii_10795_MBB-2015-01-19 Hawaii_10797_MBB-2015-01-19 Hawaii_10810_MBB-2015-01-19This was really James’ first time at the beach and, predictably, he ate as much sand as he could scoop into his mouth before I caught him. James had just started to crawl before my parents came, so going on outings like this was at once a lot more fun for him and stressful for me.
Hawaii_10825_MBB-2015-01-19 Hawaii_10831_MBB-2015-01-19 Stella had gymnastics and got to show off her skills Hawaii_10902_MBB-2015-01-20 And so did James. He started to pull himself up while my parents were here and he was cruising around the gym while Stella did her class. At least there were pads everywhere. Hawaii_10919_MBB-2015-01-20 I taught Stella how to skateboard and she loved it. It was so nice to be able to play with her outside without having to watch James and Tsunami. Hawaii_10849_MBB-2015-01-20 Hawaii_10854_MBB-2015-01-20After so much fun on the skateboard we got our bikes out. Mine had a flat tire since I hadn’t ridden in about 3 years.
Hawaii_10882_MBB-2015-01-20 Hawaii_10888_MBB-2015-01-20 James tried to walk everywhere and my dad predicted he’d be walking by the end of March. He wasn’t far off. IMG_0031Having my dad here means I get pictures of me and the kids that I don’t have to take. I loved it.
DSCN3941 And I love this kid. She’s at such a fun age. DSCN3940 DSCN3934 DSCN3932 DSCN3931 DSCN3928 Grama painted Stella’s fingers, “this pinky first” of course. IMG_0046 We went to the zoo after the eye doctor, just as the first person got sick. Totally worth it to get this photo of the kids, though. Hawaii_10943_MBB-2015-01-21 Hawaii_10924_MBB-2015-01-21 Showing off his new skill: standing at the coffee table. Hawaii_10959_MBB-2015-01-22Out for a little run. Stella talks about running with me when she gets “bigger like Mommy” so it was fun to let her run with me while Grama manned the stroller and Grampa took pictures.
Hawaii_10961_MBB-2015-01-22Wes was working some crazy hours, but still managed to get some quality time in with everyone.
Hawaii_10970_MBB-2015-01-24 We celebrated my mom’s birthday at Roy’s. Not as relaxing with two small children, but we still had a good time and got to enjoy some good food. Hawaii_10984_MBB-2015-01-25Still taking advantage of extra people around, I requested a family photo of us all dressed up.
Hawaii_10992_MBB-2015-01-25All Grama wanted for her birthday was a picture with her grandbabies. We need to work on getting them to smile for the camera.
Hawaii_10993_MBB-2015-01-25 Stella got sick the next morning and we spent the last week of their trip getting her fever down and resting. James was teething and sleeping horribly so it was a lazy lazy week. The day they had to leave, though, he actually fell asleep on Grama. This kid rarely falls asleep on me, he’s so busy, so it was a nice way to wrap up the trip for Grama. IMG_0156 A photo where everyone is smiling! I clearly have the magic touch! DSCN4031 One last picture before we buckled in for the trip to the airport. Photobombed by Grampa, naturally. This might have been my parents’ last trip to the islands before we leave so it was extra sad to say goodbye to them. I loved having them here, and so did Stella and James. The week after, though, I was just sad to be living so far away from family. IMG_0160*I’m finally catching up! I toyed with not posting anything from the past six months, but this blog is really for me and my family and I want those memories out there.

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