11 Months: James

James is now 11 months old and it’s hard to believe that at this time last year I was just complaining about everything. How has it already been 11 months? Since learning to walk, James has been getting faster and faster every day. No doubt that he’ll be running around soon. DSCN4580 He figured out how to climb out of the dog door (a trick that Stella seemed blissfully unaware of until she was nearly 18 months old) and that has made life so much crazier. He can (and will) climb everything in his path, which means I’m constantly running between cooking dinner and peeking out back to make sure that he hasn’t fallen off the back of a chair or the little table. Mostly he’s covered in Tsunami’s water, but that’s definitely preferable to taking a dive off the chairs. He also enjoys putting various items out the dog door so I’m constantly finding toys or remote controls or books outside. DSCN4550 Tsunami’s water and food bowls are some of his favorite toys so I spend a lot of time picking him up, soaking wet, and relocating him to some place I think is far enough away to make him forget about it, only to have to remove him 30 seconds later. Tsunami’s been handling it pretty well and will just back up when James crawls under her to start playing. DSCN4552 He loves to open and shut doors and smiles when he opens it for me or Stella. We’ve luckily only had one finger-slamming incident, but it was minor and Stella learned that maybe playing open-shut with James isn’t the best idea. Now she handles the closing and opening of doors when they play together. DSCN4553 He learned to wave, but is still mastering when exactly to do it. He also learned to clap and he gets the biggest smile (the kid is full of big smiles) when he catches my eye and claps. He will clap when he hears other people clapping, whether it’s in real life or on tv, and when someone says “yay” he’ll get in on that, too. DSCN4579 His 8th tooth popped through and though I was prepared for many sleepless nights, he managed it pretty well. He also got another cold, which brought back those random night-wakings. We’re still working our way out of it. DSCN4574 He gives big hugs and slobbery kisses and runs at full speed towards most anyone. Sometimes when we’re outside, he’ll roam around and then catch my eye and rush towards me with a smile. He’s fine when I’m out of the room, but as soon as I come back in he calls “Ma-ma Ma-ma” until I pick him up for a cuddle. For a baby who wasn’t really into cuddles, he’s definitely turned into a snuggler. Mostly when it suits him, but I don’t mind because he is one good cuddler. DSCN4567 He is signing for milk now, which I think encompasses everything from breastmilk to water to food. It’s so cute to see his little hands going, unless it’s 1am. DSCN4565 He is “talking” a lot more and I love to hear his voice. He squeals and babbles and Stella and I spend car rides wondering what he wants. One day when he was crying Stella said, “I’m sorry James, but I don’t have any milk in my boobies for you.” They were buckled in their car seats and I was driving and she was worried that he might think she was ignoring him. Sometimes Stella can be a little rough with James, but the love she has for her little brother constantly amazes me, and the smile he gets when she comes down in the mornings can’t be beat. DSCN4559His eyes are still bright blue and his hair is growing out of control. He gets all his food in it and I’ve said it so many times that Stella has taking to letting everyone know that “James has crazy hair.”
DSCN4556He is bigger than Stella was at 14 months old, and can walk like a pro (a drunk pro, but a pro nonetheless) so I have to remind myself that he’s still just a baby. But he understands more every day and watching that flicker of recognition in his eyes when he knows what you’re saying never gets old. He is a messy boy with a big heart, who maybe needs a haircut.

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