We Goed to Smesame Street Live

Sesame Street live came to Honolulu and some friends and I decided it would be a fun thing to take the kids to. And it was, for the kids who actually watch Sesame Street and like the characters. So, not Stella. For her first Christmas, Grandma Candee and Grandpa Jim bought Stella an Elmo doll (the sleep one, I think) that talks and hugs. She was playing with another gift when she fell over onto Elmo, who started talking about hugs and sleeping. She completely freaked out and Elmo spent the next year in a box because she was so terrified of him.

Still, I thought it would be more fun in person, and something to do just me and Stella, and after a year of sharing her parents with James I figured she could use some one-on-one time. As soon as we stepped into the darkened room, though, I could tell she was having some second thoughts about the whole thing. I tried to get her excited but mostly she just stared at all the other kids and looked like she wanted to fall asleep. 

At least Adara and Jack and all the moms were excited about the show. I even tried getting a photo of the two of us to get her enthused about it but she quickly jumped out of my arms and left me looking pretty silly. I bet if she could read she would have been dancing.

Once the show started she asked to have her jacket on, with hood, and after she got all wrapped up I was able to get her up and watching for a little bit. It helped that Jack was super into the show and she loves Jack.

She ended up getting a little scared when all the characters made their way out and asked to leave. Not wanting to cause a scene, we worked our way through all the other kids who were excited about seeing Sesame Street and headed for the lobby. I decided to try one more time after she said that it was too dark in there. We bought a light-up Elmo, which seemed to do the trick, and headed back in. Armed with the light, she was a little more into the show and managed to smile and interact with Adara, who was apparently just waiting for the Count to come out before really getting into it. Jack, meanwhile, was hooked.

Stella looks ready for a nap, and Jack is entranced by the whole thing. 

Shortly after intermission, Stella decided she’d had enough of the show and asked to leave again. We spent the remainder of the show in the lobby, waiting for our friends to join us for lunch. The whole thing reminded me of that time I bought new movies for Stella to watch on our 6-hour plane ride and she looked at me like, What the hell is this? Where is Brave?The moral of the story being this: don’t spend a lot of money on things your kids don’t care about. At least we got to spend the morning with good friends. Two months later, though, and she still excited that we went to it, even if she didn’t like it. Every time anything Sesame Street-related comes up she looks at me with a big smile and says, “We goed to Smesame Street Live!” like it was the best day of her life. So I guess it might have been worth it after all.

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