18 Months: James

James turned 18 months old on January 1st and marked the occasion by not getting out of his pajamas. Seriously, the kids loves his pjs and most days it’s a big production to convince him to put clothes on. I’m not sure I blame him, though. It is pretty cold and some days I wouldn’t mind hanging out all day in footie pjs.


I took him for his wellness check up this morning and he’s 33.5 inches long (a one inch growth 3 months!), and weighs 24lbs 8oz (less than a pound growth), which puts him at the high end for height and middle for weight. He didn’t have any shots this time and thoroughly impressed the NP by not freaking out when she examined him. I was shocked because he’s never been easy at the pediatrician. This woman had the magic touch and I’m hoping that all future visits go this smoothly.

He is mostly happy but when he is not, he makes sure everyone knows. If he has to wait 30 seconds for whatever fruit he’s asked for, he will scream and cry like it’s the end of the world. Wes has tried the stern approach of looking at him and sharply saying, “Pull yourself together” and it works, but he will hear no such thing from me.

He loves to be outside no matter what the temperature is and would happily play out back all day if only Stella and I didn’t get so cold so quickly! Of course, when his hands do get too cold to be outside, it’s the end of the world (again).

After a few rough months of sleep, we’re getting back on track and he’s sleeping through the night, though he still wakes up way too early for our liking (especially now that we lived in the land of constant dark!) and is sometimes so angry that he probably should go back to bed, but try telling an 18-month old that. If Stella hears him in the morning, she’ll run to his room to check on him and then come wake me and Wes up, as if we can’t hear him calling out (we can, we just want to see if he’ll go back to sleep). Actually, I think it cheers him up to see her first thing in the morning, and any time Stella’s playing nicely with him, I’m happy.

He’s taken an interest in trains and cars, but also dolls and strollers and dress up. He will bring me Stella’s tutus and when we put it on him, he’ll twirl around and he looks so damn happy.


He loves to cuddle, but has a hard time sitting still for too long. A few nights ago I asked him if he wanted to snuggle before bed and he said yes, but after just a few minutes he was ready to get in bed. When we lay him in bed, he puts his hands behind his head in the ultimate rest position and there’s something about a toddler in that position that is so cute and hilarious all at once.


He loves piggy back rides and running around like a crazy person in the house. We have so much space here that he can run from everyone. His vocabulary is growing each day and lately he’s taken to squealing “Get you!” when he runs around.

He’s the reason for most of my frustrations between 3pm and the time Wes walks through the door, but I get it. He wants what he wants but doesn’t yet have all the words to say what he wants. Sure he can tell you that he wants cheerios, but he can’t articulate that he wants to pour them himself, or that he wants grapes on the vine. And he doesn’t understand why we won’t just let him hold the damn dog leash, even though he took a big crash last night and darted right in to our neighbor’s house when Wes gave him a shot at it. But he’s also the reason for so many smiles throughout the day. His smile is huge and is laugh is infectious and his love for everyone in this house is immense.


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