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Welcome Home

We left Hawaii on the night of September 11th and I remember thinking that I’d be a mess of tears at leaving the place we’d called home for the past 5+ years. We left with a bunch of suitcases, a stroller, and Tsunami in her kennel. Everything else would get packed up two weeks later when Wes flew back to supervise. I remember thinking that I’d be a mess of tears when we left, but really, it felt just like every other time we’d left for a trip. Our living room still had everything in it. There was a moment when I nearly lost it. Wes had started taking pictures down from the bedrooms and I made the mistake of looking in on it. The bare walls of the place where so much of life happened were a little too much for me and I quickly went back downstairs where I could pretend that nothing was changing.

When we landed in Portland and saw my parents, and then went to Wes’ parents and had dinner all together and I forgot about being sad. For six years we’ve lived at least a 12-hour travel day away, at least. Getting to and from Hawaii isn’t easy, and that had been our biggest complaint about living there (yes, there were other complaints, but that was the Big One). That weekend we had a birthday party for Stella and had all the family over for a BBQ and it was so fun.

The next week we went up to look for houses. We hadn’t quite decided where we wanted to live but had narrowed it down to two locations. Once we looked at both, it was clear we wanted to live in Gig Harbor. The city has a small town feel but also has everything that we need. It’s full of trees and trails the overall feel of the town is welcoming. We spent three days looking at houses and narrowed it down between two. We picked up our cars from Seattle and on the drive home we decided which one we wanted and then put an offer in a few days later. By Saturday, we had accepted the counter offer and had a house:

 Well, sort of had a house. The process is so drawn out. For a month we signed contracts and dealt with the home inspection and lived out of suitcases. After Wes spent a week in Hawaii closing out our life there, he had to start work in Federal Way. He would drive up Monday morning and come back to his parents’ house Friday night and spend the weekend. The kids and I spent a night or two in a hotel with him for the inspection and then quickly went back to Vancouver where we all had our own bedrooms and room to play. It still didn’t quite feel real that we had moved. I didn’t miss anything yet because, without a concrete change (a house, our things), it didn’t feel like we had moved yet. It felt like a trip to see our family. We enjoyed the late summer weather and spent time with family and friends and I didn’t miss anything in Hawaii.

We finally got possession of our house on October 23rd, after three nights in two hotels. Our things weren’t scheduled to arrive until Monday so we had all weekend to play around in an empty house. We had so much stuff to  move up from Vancouver that I’m still not sure where it all came from. Tsunami didn’t even come up with us! IMG_0894

After a few days of sleeping in bags on the floor, painting a few rooms (turning one from a dark dungeon to some place guests would want to sleep, and adding a pink accent wall to Stella’s room), exploring our neighborhood, and eating at every restaurant we could, our things finally arrived. The weekend was beautiful, so of course it rained Monday morning when the movers arrived!
And then proceeded to rain and rain and rain through most of November and December. El Nino is hitting hard and making it rain. Everyone I have talked to says that this much rain isn’t normal, but that hasn’t made it any easier to transition to. We had a few weeks without a dog and were able to get out when ever we wanted, or stay inside if the weather was bad, but once she got up we had to start getting her out every day, and that’s when things got rough. Have you ever taken an excited dog and two toddlers for a walk in the rain? It starts out fun, with a lot of puddle jumping, but it dissolves quickly into tears because pants are wet or hands are cold or, something.  I didn’t have any friends, the kids didn’t have any friends, and it was always raining and cold. I missed Hawaii. I missed our friends. After listening to screaming children every time I went upstairs, I even missed our tiny apartment where I was always 10 steps away from the kids. Even harder to deal with than the rain, though, was the dark. Hawaii has a pretty even 12 hours of light every day, year round. As the dark started rolling in, I’d think Oh, cool. I’ll start dinner and have a glass of wine and Wes will be home soon only to look at the clock and realize that it was only 3 o’clock. Those were rough nights. I don’t recommend moving from Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest in the middle of the darkest time of the year.

But then Stella started school and we gradually got our things put away and pictures hung. I started running in the rain and tried to time it so that one of the kids was asleep and not whining. I tried to cut myself some slack on cooking and cleaning and, really, everything. Some days we watch a lot of movies and some days we do all the activities. And that’s good enough for me.

The kids have seen snow a few times now and love to go outside and play in it for a few minutes before they’re too cold. Tsunami still hates the rain and cold but we finally decided to try to leave her inside and she didn’t destroy anything! We hope that in the summer she’ll be back to loving the grass and backyard, but for now it’s a little too cold for this Hawaii dog and she gets to enjoy the house while we’re gone.

We have trails and a few ponds near our house and it’s mostly easy to get out there for walk. The kids love to splash in puddles, or crack the ice, or just watch ducks. Tsunami loves to run around just exploring it all. It’s amazing how much energy she has now that it’s not so hot every day.  Our backyard doesn’t get a lot of sun so we don’t spend too much time out there. James loves it but I’m having a hard time keeping warm! But the time we have spent out there has been great. The kids helping Wes mow the lawn, or building snowmen, or climbing on the retaining wall and jumping down. And did I mention that we have a hot tub? Yes, that’s been nice.

I’m slowly starting to make friends and when I start to miss the beach, I remind myself of all the times I saw pictures of kids dressed in snowsuits playing in the snow, or hiking, and felt jealous that my kids hadn’t had a chance to do that. This summer there will be plenty of time to enjoy the sun. For now, it’s time to bundle up and enjoy the cold.

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Adventures of Ratface & RatGrace

For Unlce Porter’s spring break, he decided to come visit us. We were thrilled to have him. We started off with a trip to the Kroc Center, where Stella showed off her swimming skills. And also used Uncle Porter as a sort of flotation device. 

I got someone to enjoy whiskey with me and teach me new cooking stuff. Wes had been working long hours for a few months at this point, so just having another adult to talk to was really nice.

Our first full day we decided to try a the Hanauma Bay Ridge hike when our swim lessons were cancelled. We got a late start and had to park at Koko Head and then got a little lost trying to find the trail head, which is actually a gate with a “No Trespassing” sign so by the time we actually started the hike, we were all a little tired and hot (not to mention worried that we were going to get fined for trespassing because I worry about things like that) so we didn’t make it to the top. We managed to still get a great view and Stella walked most of it so we called it a win and celebrated with Kona Brewing for lunch.

My brother is like a giant kid, so Stella had a blast with him from the very start. Wednesday afternoon we headed to a small beach in Ko ‘Olina that is usually full of sea turtles. We try to take guests here to see them, even though it’s kind of a pain to get in and out of with small children. My brother said he wasn’t expecting such large turtles, which is kind of funny because when I think of a sea turtle I think of something rather large. Uncle Porter convinced Stella to let him bury her, which is something she’s never been interested in before.

The next day we decided to trek into town to try some Indian food at Monsoon Indian near Ala Moana (if you’re looking for good Indian food on Oahu, go here.). Stella was a big of the samosas (who isn’t?) and tried everything else. Her favorite, in true toddler form, was the rice.

After lunch, we wandered around the mall and found Stella a new beach hat before heading to Ala Moana Beach Park to swim.

At the beach the kids got to burn off some energy after sitting for most of the morning. It’s a lot rockier there than we’re used to at Ko ‘Olina, but we still had a lot of fun. Uncle Porter brought a selfie stick that he and Coop had received as a gift so we were able to get some group photos, though it’s not as easy to use as I thought they were.

On our way to the showers at the beach, Stella started crawling around in the sand and grunting and Uncle Porter nearly lost his damn mind he thought it was so funny. I managed to get a short video of them grunting back and forth to each other while Porter tried not to fall down with laughter.

After the beach we checked on traffic and decided that we should have dinner and wait it out before heading back home. James was asleep before we even got back to the mall and slept all through dinner but we still managed to have a peaceful drive home and put him to bed on time!

Saturday Wes miraculously had off so we made a day of Haleiwa for breakfast burritos and a little shopping.

After Haleiwa we went back to the turtle beach at Ko ‘Olina. It was Uncle Porter’s last day so we decided to make the most of it and just go full tilt! Stella and James both fell asleep on the way home from the beach and I think Stella would have slept all night if we let her, but we woke her up to go to Monkeypod.

We came home and put the kids to bed and then enjoyed one last glass of whiskey. Uncle Porter’s flight out was early the next morning so we didn’t stay up too late. Good thing I have James as my alarm clock. James & I dropped him off at the airport and then grabbed donuts. The apartment was decidedly quiet the next week and having him here for nearly a week just made me sad that we didn’t live near our families.

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Grandparents in January*

My parents were in town in January and I haven’t had time to write about it because half the house was sick for most of their trip, unfortunately, and right after they left Wes started working crazy long hours six days a weeks so I am usually ready for bed as soon as I get the kids to bed. Right before my parents arrived, we thought that we would only be in Hawaii for a few more months and were preparing ourselves for a move to District Office, which would mean less hours and more time together as a family. Instead, Wes was moved to another part of the project and we barely see him and it’s been hard on all of us.

Luckily, my parents arrived his first week on the new project so I had plenty of help to get the house in a sort of order before I was on my own. We cleaned this house as much as we could with two kids running around while also fighting off whatever bug was working its way through the house. Hawaii_10750_MBB-2015-01-17 They arrived Saturday night and got straight to work with bath and story time, and then we cleaned up quickly and headed out for a very expensive date night on the other side of the island. We had a lovely time just being alone together but on the 45-minute drive home we both decided that we would never drive that far again for dinner. Hawaii_10766_MBB-2015-01-17 Hawaii_10769_MBB-2015-01-18Grampa found all the fun bits of news to show to Stella and she loved everything. I think here she’s watching a hippo chase a boat. For the rest of their trip she spent a lot of time crawling over to Grampa and requesting to “watch the hippos” before snuggling up.
IMG_0041 James got some good snuggles in, too, and learned some new tricks from Grampa, like how to pull a pillow off of his head.DSCN3919Fun times at breakfast. My dad probably has a hundred photos of me making weird faces while we eat, so I guess this was his payback.
Hawaii_10838_MBB-2015-01-19Stella took Grampa on a nature walk around our apartment and showed him all the fun stuff, like this graffiti zebra that popped up a few years ago.
Hawaii_10780_MBB-2015-01-19 Don’t worry, Grampa didn’t have all the fun. Grama got some fun times in, too. We headed to the beach on Monday morning before everyone got sick. There were about six sea turtles swimming around, which Stella loves. This was her first trip to the beach in a swimsuit with no diaper on and she was so excited to be wearing it. Amazing as it is to have a kid who can pee in the potty, getting rid of that swim diaper was a little bittersweet. Hawaii_10795_MBB-2015-01-19 Hawaii_10797_MBB-2015-01-19 Hawaii_10810_MBB-2015-01-19This was really James’ first time at the beach and, predictably, he ate as much sand as he could scoop into his mouth before I caught him. James had just started to crawl before my parents came, so going on outings like this was at once a lot more fun for him and stressful for me.
Hawaii_10825_MBB-2015-01-19 Hawaii_10831_MBB-2015-01-19 Stella had gymnastics and got to show off her skills Hawaii_10902_MBB-2015-01-20 And so did James. He started to pull himself up while my parents were here and he was cruising around the gym while Stella did her class. At least there were pads everywhere. Hawaii_10919_MBB-2015-01-20 I taught Stella how to skateboard and she loved it. It was so nice to be able to play with her outside without having to watch James and Tsunami. Hawaii_10849_MBB-2015-01-20 Hawaii_10854_MBB-2015-01-20After so much fun on the skateboard we got our bikes out. Mine had a flat tire since I hadn’t ridden in about 3 years.
Hawaii_10882_MBB-2015-01-20 Hawaii_10888_MBB-2015-01-20 James tried to walk everywhere and my dad predicted he’d be walking by the end of March. He wasn’t far off. IMG_0031Having my dad here means I get pictures of me and the kids that I don’t have to take. I loved it.
DSCN3941 And I love this kid. She’s at such a fun age. DSCN3940 DSCN3934 DSCN3932 DSCN3931 DSCN3928 Grama painted Stella’s fingers, “this pinky first” of course. IMG_0046 We went to the zoo after the eye doctor, just as the first person got sick. Totally worth it to get this photo of the kids, though. Hawaii_10943_MBB-2015-01-21 Hawaii_10924_MBB-2015-01-21 Showing off his new skill: standing at the coffee table. Hawaii_10959_MBB-2015-01-22Out for a little run. Stella talks about running with me when she gets “bigger like Mommy” so it was fun to let her run with me while Grama manned the stroller and Grampa took pictures.
Hawaii_10961_MBB-2015-01-22Wes was working some crazy hours, but still managed to get some quality time in with everyone.
Hawaii_10970_MBB-2015-01-24 We celebrated my mom’s birthday at Roy’s. Not as relaxing with two small children, but we still had a good time and got to enjoy some good food. Hawaii_10984_MBB-2015-01-25Still taking advantage of extra people around, I requested a family photo of us all dressed up.
Hawaii_10992_MBB-2015-01-25All Grama wanted for her birthday was a picture with her grandbabies. We need to work on getting them to smile for the camera.
Hawaii_10993_MBB-2015-01-25 Stella got sick the next morning and we spent the last week of their trip getting her fever down and resting. James was teething and sleeping horribly so it was a lazy lazy week. The day they had to leave, though, he actually fell asleep on Grama. This kid rarely falls asleep on me, he’s so busy, so it was a nice way to wrap up the trip for Grama. IMG_0156 A photo where everyone is smiling! I clearly have the magic touch! DSCN4031 One last picture before we buckled in for the trip to the airport. Photobombed by Grampa, naturally. This might have been my parents’ last trip to the islands before we leave so it was extra sad to say goodbye to them. I loved having them here, and so did Stella and James. The week after, though, I was just sad to be living so far away from family. IMG_0160*I’m finally catching up! I toyed with not posting anything from the past six months, but this blog is really for me and my family and I want those memories out there.

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Blue Angels Fun

The Blue Angels were in tow a few weekends ago so we decided to check it out. I don’t remember going to many air shows when I was a kid, but Wes loved them. He wanted to be a Blue Angel pilot and wrote them a letter when he was a little boy. One of the pilots wrote back and the framed letter hung in his room until his parents turned it into the guest bedroom after we got married. He was pretty excited about taking Stella to see them fly.

We get a lot of air traffic over our apartment so Stella can point out jets, so we prepped her for the week before to get her ready and excited about seeing the show. IMG_8502

First, we ordered another pair of ear muffs to protect the kids’ ears. Safety first. DSCN2664

We decided to pay extra to get into VIP seating with shade because the show was on asphalt and it was approximately one million degrees that day with no wind because this summer has been miserable (even though it wasn’t technically summer) with heat. It was well wort the cost because as soon as we packed up our stroller, I noticed the tire was flat. Not much we could do about it at that point so James and I enjoyed the shade while Wes and Stella checked out the rest of the attractions.


The show was at Pearl Harbor/Hickam, which is right next to the airport. So the three shows took six hours because they had to stop airport traffic for the duration of the demonstrations. It was a long and crazy expensive day and even though we had fun, I’m not entirely sure we’ll go next year unless they hold it at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base again.

IMG_8505We have a friend in the Coast Guard and whenever we see an orange helicopter I tell Stella that Gunnar’s daddy works on one. She loves pointing them out now. “Oh, helicopter! Like Gunnar’s daddy.” So this was a fun treat to see the helicopter up close.

IMG_8515 IMG_8520

She told Wes that she wants to be a pilot when she grows up and she’s been sticking with it since the show. IMG_8402

Wes loves to take these family photos. Well, he will in 20 years or so when he has these memories to look back on. We spent a lot of time under the shade while we waited for the main show. DSCN2685

Finally, the Blue Angels! Unfortunately, by this time we’d been at the air show for six hours with no nap and Stella was over it. She lost all ability to sit still and watch the jets fly for more than 30 seconds. And she was hell bent on trying to eat the orange ear plugs that we’d brought with us. She would not believe that they weren’t candy. I was carrying James in the Ergo, trying to keep him comfortable and covered because it was so hot. I actually got a slight burn on my arm just from watching this last demonstration.
IMG_8413We left as soon as the show ended and this is what Stella looked like when we finally made it back to the car. The parking situation was a mess and we ended up maneuvering our way through the parking lot because the line to get out was just ridiculous. It seemed like no one knew how to empty a parking lot. We made it out in 25 minutes, but had friends who were sitting there for nearly two hours. Stella woke up for the ride home and kept saying, “Blue Angels fun,” so we know she had a good time. The next day we were able to see them from our front yard and she told all the neighbors about seeing them the day before.


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Party Time

We had Stella’s birthday party over the weekend. It was in the same location as her first birthday party, a beach down the road from our apartment that our military friends were nice enough to help us rent. I arrived before Wes and Stella did and there was a bounce house set up for another party and I felt mildly guilty that I didn’t try harder to get one for Stella’s party. But the last time she was near one she was scared of it so I didn’t put that much effort into it. Plus, she’s two years old, the beach is plenty of entertainment for her. Of course, as soon as she walked up she pointed out the bounce house and asked to jump. Multiple times over the course of the afternoon parents had to run after a toddler attempting to get some jumping in. This is a good life lesson: there’s always a better party.

Really, though, food and games and the water was plenty for a two-year olds birthday party. We walked down to the water before guests started showing up and she found a few shells and looked for fish. There are rocks there that break the waves and make it easy to just sit in the water and relax. There are a few spots where you can actually get in the water and at one point the waves knocked Stella over while she was more focused on the rocks than on the water (another good life lesson: never turn your back on the water). We’ve been doing ISR swim lessons with her and they paid of. She immediately flipped over and started to float and I was able to scoop her up before the next wave came up. It’s nice to see that the lessons are actually working!  DSCN2604

She picked this dress out this morning and instead of forcing her to wear something that I thought was more party appropriate (that is, one that maybe isn’t sized for a 12-month old) I let her wear this one. It matches her sunglasses, so I can understand why she wanted to wear it. Also, polka dots. She loves them. DSCN2606 DSCN2609 DSCN2613

She didn’t notice the cake at first and it wasn’t until just before we ate lunch that someone pointed it out to her. After that, all she wanted was cake. We were able to hold her off and get her to eat something that didn’t have sugar as the main ingredient. Once we opened this thing up it was a quick scramble to light the candle and sing before all the toddler hands made their way in for some icing. Stella tried to eat the caterpillar’s head and one of her friends snuck in a handful of frosting while Wes was looking the other way! You cannot trust kids around sugar is another good life lesson.
DSCN2634 DSCN2635

Stella basically ate all of the frosting off of her cake before moving on to maple bacon potato chips. Perhaps I should stop feeling guilty about not getting a bounce house and feel guilty that Stella’s healthiest meal today was when she had two olives for breakfast. Nope, I actually don’t feel guilty about that. Parties were made for fun and cakes and missing naps and playing games.


We managed to sneak in one photo of the three of us. James was being passed around to all the lovely mamas who need their baby fix. Sorry buddy, we’ll get more family photos when you stop trying to flop out of our arms all the time. DSCN2659 DSCN2660And what birthday is complete without presents? Certainly not a toddler party. This kid made out like a bandit and I think we may have to move just to fit all her new loot in! She got some really fun things, though, and we are so thankful to all of our friends who came out to help celebrate. I made Stella wait until Wes got home before opening gifts so she busied herself by making dresses out of the tissue paper. For a minute it seemed like I could maybe get away with telling her that was her gift, but then she realized there was stuff wrapped in the paper. Poor kid, though, wanted to open every gift as it came out and was so sad when we asked her to keep opening gifts. I feel like there’s got to be an easier, less tear-filled way to open birthday gifts, but I haven’t discovered it yet. She didn’t actually get to play with any of them because after running around all day and skipping her nap, she was ready for bed by 6pm. Don’t worry, they were still in the same pile she left them in when she woke up on Sunday morning. Our house looks like a toy bomb exploded, but she is one happy kid.


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Dairy Farm

My mom came in to town over a month ago to help us out with Stella and James while we found our footing with a new baby. James wasn’t due to arrive for another week when she got here so she got to see what schedule Stella was on and spend some time just with her. Our first outing was to Naked Cow Dairy Farm with a mom’s group I’m part of. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would get us out of the house and Stella could see some animals so obviously I wanted to go. I’ve found that the more pregnant you are the more praise you get for just getting out of bed, and at 39 weeks pregnant I needed all the praise I could get!

Our first stop was to see the chickens and their eggs. We got to feed them and even pet them. Stella tried to steal an egg but we distracted her by showing her the goats, which you could also pet but for whatever reason she wasn’t into them. A shame, too, considering they were babies and they looked much softer than the goats at the zoo that we always pet.

DSCN2063 DSCN2067 DSCN2071 DSCN2053 DSCN2054

After the chickens and eggs, Stella talked Grandma into carrying her on her shoulders while we walked past the cows. The brown cow is their mascot, Princess Peanut Butter (I think) was her name and she looked pretty happy under that tree. The working cows were in a pen and, yes, they look terribly skinny. But we were all assured that it’s normal. They had just weaned the calves so they were thin from all the nursing (makes sense). DSCN2087 DSCN2089 DSCN2096 DSCN2097

From there we got to check out the butter they were making and then watch the cows get milked. Unfortunately, we were on the end of the line and didn’t get to see the actual milking of the cow. Instead, Stella nearly ran straight into a spider web and when I saw the spider (I will spare you all the photo), I grabbed her and she hit her lip on the bar. Stellar parenting, I know, but the spider had crazy long legs and ran really fast to get away from her. Basically, I panicked because spiders are scary but I don’t want my kid to carry my phobias so I grabbed her before she could see it. No way am I letting her hold a spider. DSCN2100 DSCN2108

And then we got to taste a lot of cheese and crackers. Stella mostly wanted crackers but enjoyed some of the cheese. We bought way too much but had a lot of fun. Even if I was a million weeks pregnant.




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A Sunday Weekend

I’m not sure that Saturday counts as the weekend any longer, now that Wes is working full days, but if it does then our weekend started rocky. Stella refused to nap for some inexplicable reason. It was too hot (it was really hot)? We didn’t have enough activities planned? Whatever it was, she did not want to sleep and I live for those naps. It gives us both a chance to hit reset and go into the latter half of the day with gusto. It gives me time to clean or make dinner or check those items off of my To Do List. Yes, some days I just sit on the couch and don’t do anything, but most days I take advantage of nap time to get stuff done and come up with a fun plan for the afternoon that doesn’t leave us sitting in the house waiting for cabin fever to set in and Dad to come home. Because when that happens, whoa. Poor Wes walks in from his 14-hour day to grumpy mom and whiny, clingy baby because we just couldn’t get our act together. I try not to have too many of those days. Once a week is my limit and I’m working on eliminating even that one day.

So Saturday I sent Wes a text message asking him when he was coming home because our baby wasn’t napping, the implication being that I was about to break. And when he did come home, way early than I thought he would be able to, the day didn’t seem to get any better. Stella was tired, I was tired, Wes was tired. Tsunami, however, was not tired. And then Stella refused to go to sleep and we finally had to put her in her crib and let her cry for a few minutes before finally giving in, laying down, and falling fast asleep. I should have gone to bed then, too, but I didn’t. I chose to have a Conversation instead and that’s where it all got worse. I won’t bore you with the details but I did realize something Saturday night that I’m not proud of: on those days that seem incredibly long and everything seems to go wrong and I just want to lay in bed and cry, when Wes comes home I don’t greet him with a happy smile or relief in my face. I greet him icily because he’s 15 minutes late in my mind. I spend a lot of time trying to convince him (and myself) that my days are harder than his, and to some extent, he does that as well, but not like I do. I’m not proud of it, and honestly didn’t realize I was doing it. But I am and that’s not fair because our days are both hard: I can’t leave my job behind but his jobs seem to never end, either.

We keep telling each other that this year is going to be rough. Right around the time his hours become less crazy, we’ll add a newborn to our family and the craziness and exhaustion will start up again. I tell myself this on a daily basis but when a rough day happens it does not make it any easier to handle. I’m working on fixing my attitude surrounding my bad days because I can’t keep this up for the next five or six years. Our days are long; I just need to make them as fun as possible.

So it was with that mindset that I woke up on Sunday morning. I took a few items off of Wes’ To Do List and added them to mine because I at least have a few hours a day while Stella’s sleeping to do them, while Wes would have to stay late or go in early to handle them. No big deal. And then we started our day with swim lessons, where Stella was amazing and loved having her dad there to watch her kick and swim and float. Her smile when she popped up and saw him is pretty awesome, and then she would wave like Dad, did you see what I just did? and it was wonderful. After swim lessons we headed over to Kailua for breakfast with some friends and then some beach time. Usually when Wes comes home from work, Stella is already cranky and winding down for bath and bed time so he doesn’t get a lot of play time with her. We’re trying to make up for that on Sundays, and yesterday was no exception. We played in the water and in the sand and Wes built her towers just so she could collapse them and her snuggled up in a towel on his chest is something that I’ll never forget. Unfortunately, no pictures because I forget to charge cameras and our hands were to wet and sandy to take our phones out. We might only get one full day as a family of three, but we’re making the most of it.

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