Dream Big

· brew my own beer

· make my own wine

· take a picture a day for a year

· host a cocktail party

· host christmas

· host thanksgiving

· drive on the autobahn

· dive the great barrier reef in australia

· (really) learn to surf

· stay in a 4-star hotel

· run a marathon (12/12/10)

· compete in a triathlon (9/12/10)

· publish a piece of my writing

· publish a photo

· marry wes (8/14/10)

· see a presidential inauguration

· see a broadway play in nyc

· learn sign language

· become conversant in spanish

· dive the hawaiian islands

· have a pet dog (3/8/10)

· stay/drink in the ice hotel

· write a book

· hide easter eggs for my kids

· go one day – at home – without turning on the tv

· go heliskiing

· go on a multi-day backpacking trip

· take a month-long trip through europe

· visit the 7 wonders of the world

· plant an herb garden in my backyard

· host a fancy dinner party

· take a cooking class (8/18/10 – Bangkok)

· take a photography class

· have a career

· see a pro football game live

· see a pro basketball game live

· watch the olympics live

· plan a trip start to finish

· take a cycling trip

· attend sxsw

· golf the course in coeur d’alene , id

· frame my photographs and hang up in my house

· go on a retreat with my girlfriends

· do 100 grand gestures

· see 100 concerts

· institute a game night

· go a week without watching tv

· take a weekend trip and leave my phone at home

· give only homemade gifts for christmas one year

· send thank you notes to restaurants for good service

· see the mona lisa

· see the david

· serve on a jury

· host a new year’s eve party

· eat sushi and drink sake in japan

· sky dive (8/7/10)

· parasail (7/31/10)

· attend mardi gras in nola

· win a trivia night at a pub

· ride in a hot air balloon

· donate my hair to locks of love

· read 100 classic books

9 responses to “Dream Big

  1. Wendy

    Hey Sis~
    How many things do I need to have on my list? Can they be things that I have already done but were always on my list? Can you tell that I think I need a list?


    • d

      Wendy – have as many as you want! Just start a list and add to it as more things come up. I’ve added a couple that I’ve already done. At first I felt like that was cheating but then I changed my mind because they’re things I always wanted to do so they count even if there wasn’t a list in place before.

  2. Sarah la Rosa

    re: take a picture everyday for a year

    thought you’d enjoy this: http://www.apartment2024.com/

    • d

      I want to scroll through this all day. I love it.

      My plan for the 365 photo project was to document our first year of marriage but I’m really not at the level I want to be to take pictures everyday so I’ve pushed it out a bit while I learn how to handle a camera.

  3. Mama

    You ran a Marathon and didn’t you host Thanksgiving?

  4. wes

    hosted thanksgiving, hotel in chaing mai was 5 star i think

  5. d

    I guess I should cross out a couple more. My idea of hosting Thanksgiving is not just having people over for a potluck, but actually making everything as well and having a sit down dinner. I think I’m a couple of years (and a new kitchen) away from crossing that off.

  6. Kristi Torsak

    I’m copying you and making a list of my own.

  7. wes

    host x-mas check
    host thanksgiving check
    4 star hotel check
    pro football game check

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